Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join the Walton-on-Thames Stroke Group?
The annual subscription is currently £10.  Since membership of the Group involves using the Centre members are also expected to become members of the Centre and from April 2022 the annual subscription for this is £20.

I live in Esher, not Walton.  Can I still attend?
Yes, as long as you can get to the Walton Centre you can attend.

I am thinking of coming to the stroke group next week, but I don’t know anybody.  Is there any support?
Yes.  One of our volunteers has a specific responsibility for welcoming potential new members and telling them all about us  We always recommend that anyone new comes to at least two of our meetings before deciding whether to join us.  Our members are very friendly and always make new people feel at home.

I cannot drive but would like to attend the Group.  Do you have any suggestions about how I can get to Walton Centre for the Community?
If you cannot get to the centre yourself and do not have a friend or relative who can take you there we will arrange for Elmbridge Community Transport to take you in one of their minibuses.

I can drive but my mobility is poor.  Is there disabled parking at the venue?
Yes, there are two disabled parking spaces outside the entrance to the Centre.

I am concerned about my income.  Where can I get help with benefit advice?
From the Citizens’ Advice Bureau at the Community Hub in Walton.  Also someone from the CAB is available at the Centre every Thursday from 10:00-12:00.